A European Woman`s Diary



Brazil - a land of rhythms wild
A land of passion, palms and flowers
There people are different
And know the meaning, and know the zest.

Rio, Rio - you are the music
And makes one`s blood run fast,
An urge to dance, to romp and play till dawn.

You make breathless everyone at sight
Rio, Rio - your name is magic
Rio, Rio - you hold the spell of might.

We would like to introduce to you an artist and a creator, a woman that gives a blessing. Her works are a wonderful sight for your look, a balsam for the soul and a sweet ring in the heart. They will fascinate you by their nobleness, the sweetness of tranquility and goodness.

I love you, Life, and hope your love for me is equal!


Dream; Blessing; Shine
; Toscana; Santorini; Welfare; Southern girl; Violets; Whisper; Unfelt; Dreams of Hope; Things that bind the world; Passion.