This legend comes from the ancient times.

     In the mountain, near the forest, at a place where one could see the whole beauty of the sky, the moon lighted up the road and the stars danced, lived a woman with the strange name Munira. She was the one that gave consolation to everyone who needed help, support, and even advise. A woman with destiny that many couldn`t understand but valued greatly by those who knocked on her door.
     She said: “Life is a gift, which should be lived meaningfully, a man must fight, believe and walk straight ahead. To catch that moment, the particle to introduce, to dignify and fill the sole with virtue and peace."
     It was getting dark, light wind was blowing, the fire in the fireplace was burning out when someone knocked on the door.
     - Traveler, what brought you here in the midnight hours. You are coming from afar and bring and gift in your bag.
     The man had nothing to say, he only smiled, moved bead from the bead-roll, took a suck at his pipe and sat near the fireplace. His soul became full of love and he understood that his wish had come true.
     He started gingerly, he talked long, he unbosomed his soul. He spoke about eastern wisdom, about the skill to talk friendly to your body. With the hope to be understood at last, with the strength of words.
     - The thought about that doesn’t give you peace. You have nothing to do unless banish the prickle and plant a flower, thus you put a new beginning.. But you need knowledge, much knowledge, life and experience. To recover your power transferring through the time the wisdom of the millennium experience. A challenge and a hardship for everyone. To give one the thing that he needs.
     You come home, you breathe a sigh of relief, you have the faith to go ahead aware of the responsibility you take. The decision is the right for you. And for those who think like you. The valuation is correct. You get off the ground. Never say die!
     Love is a boat, soul is the quay. Only you know how to direct it to go to the appropriate shore.
     Does this story sound familiar? It is for you.

Cold and Warm; The snow prince; Munira; Eight truffles and something else; A bit of chocolate; A sheaf of wheat-ears; Magic shoes; 
Moonlight kimono.