Great wisdom

God, I am begging you,
Give me wings,
With which I can reach,
What is hard to achieve,
Where the sight
Doesn’t reach.


A huge moon,
And I’m drinking my tea,
Warming my hands -
Looking in my cup.

Talking with the moon
And still drinking my tea,
Whispering - feeling you
And the aroma of my tea.

A new time has come,
With the scent of cinnamon,
Magical kind drops
Flowing on your face.

I like to talk to you,
When you’re free, call me,
When you’re free, call me,
I like you and your story,
I like your tea aroma.

Generosity; Reality; Magic in Reality; Zeal; Honesty; This is a gift; Moonlight; Traveler; Great Wisdom; Extraordinary; Request.