Once upon a time, in a land far away there lived a man and a woman. They had a home; they worked hard, but were lonely and sad. They did not have a child that would make them happy.

      One day, as he did the same thing every morning, the man went into the forest to chop some wood for fire. He saw an unusual bush. Weird! He had never seen such a bush with such colors. He approached it and to his amazement in one of the flowers sat a boy.
     When the man saw the boy he was very happy.
     He loaded the car with wood, put the boy in his palm and drove back home. He cried and laughed and constantly repeated:
     - Finally, our luck has changed.
     From afar he started yelling from happiness:
     - Woman, woman, come and see what I brought!
     He showed the boy to his wife. Her amazement was enormous. Tears covered her eyes. Her motherly heart was filled with love.
     The man made a nice big cradle.
     The woman knit a blanket- nice and soft like the white clouds.
     The boy grew up quickly. He became a big and strong man, but something tortured his soul. He was lonely and sad. He stared the sky for a long time. He knew he had to leave those who grew him up with so much love.
     One night - at midnight, a strong silvery light lit the land and everyone saw how a chariot came down from the sky. It stopped in front of his home. One of the messengers got off and said:
     - Good people do not be sad. He must come back to us.
     - Dear prince, come back! This is your duty, we await you.
     Then the man said:
     - I am a star prince. I was born on the moon. Now is the time when I have to return from where I came. Mother, father, goodbye and thank you. Do not cry. Here is my gift to you. This is a kimono – wonderful and magical, made from moon beams. Every time you wear it I will come and see you invisibly. Farewell.
     He got on the chariot, frequently turned around and waved. Flying horses pulled the chariot. It went up and up, until it disappeared in the silvery sky.

Cold and Warm; The snow prince; Munira; Eight truffles and something else; A bit of chocolate; A sheaf of wheat-ears; Magic shoes; 
Moonlight kimono.