You feel alive, loved and important. You overcome all difficulties of time with ease. Your love is giving people what they need.
The sunrise is wonderful, the sun is wrapped in a red-orange love haze. And this bay is so admirable, silent and beautiful. The water is crystal clear, even transparent.
The sand – fine and warm. A magical place amidst wild nature.
Alone in the wilderness, time has stopped. You have everything – all the beauties gathered in one place. Nature is a force – a source of energy. A generator filled with magical fuel that everybody needs. You should only listen to your heart, open your mind, be yourself. You should look for the heart which makes you smile, fill your life with peace and love.
Let the good things run through you.
                                                                    Maya Amorisima

This is my territory,
I make young and old
Set their clock by me.

Maya Amorisima is a powerful natural talent, creating refined paintings – modern and melodious – which is her special art formula.
She has a lyricsensuality an element that surpasses everything when interpreted in paintings, poetry, prose, books for children, postcards… Tolerance, sincerity, love – merits, impossible to define!