Individuality like no other
A significant individuality that confirms her credo. The creative work of Maya Amorisima is a conglomerate- a phenomenon  in the modern art. 
A woman that indulges herself in the eternal beauty - paintings full of joy and warmth. The beginning and the end of the day, the leisure time, the rest and relaxation among the paintings gives you a new view and attitude towards the world. It fills you up with harmony, peace and love.
The gaze of the paintings in the morning is a gift giving you a peaceful day and in the evening you could pamper yourself with their kindness. 
Enjoy them, because you deserve it.
Your senses cheer when you look at them. You read the verses, the prose, the prayers. You feel that you are a small part of the endless, the everlasting - like you are reborn. 
May it be blessed by god for its being.  

This is my territory,
I make young and old
Set their clock by me.

Maya Amorisima is a powerful natural talent, creating refined paintings – modern and melodious – which is her special art formula.
She has a lyricsensuality an element that surpasses everything when interpreted in paintings, poetry, prose, books for children, postcards… Tolerance, sincerity, love – merits, impossible to define!